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About CMP

Founded by Clive Pegden, who has spent his life travelling the world gaining unmatched knowledge in regards to natural & porcelain stone production, applications & design aesthetics. The CMP range has been exclusively pieced together from all around the globe, including countries such as Italy & Saudi Arabia.

Each finish has been comprehensively trialled & tested, Clive has hand picked the colour and pattern variations to suit the high quality tile sector of Australasia

The CMP range has evolved over the last 3-4 years and due to changing world economic conditions in various countries, we are continually expanding our range of porcelain offering availability in two traditional thicknesses, 20mm and 10mm.

The 20mm R11/ R12 slip rated tile is a fully structural tile that can be used outside on deck jacks , tiled onto a concrete base or laid on a compacted base as a paver.

The 10mm is used internally and can be provided in various finishes to suit the owner’s requirements.

CMP aim’s to provide tiles of distinction, providing a high quality product superior to the rest.